My name is Belen Alvarez Kimble-Fuller, I am a Mexican and Native American who is loud, brown and proud. Spanish is my first language and having fun is my life motto.

I have been doing Zumba since it first came to Australia in 2009 and was so excited to finally have some sort of Latin experience in my life after moving here from California.  My mother is Mexican and use to teach and dance traditional Latin dances and as a kid this style of dancing was a normal family thing.  I grew up between Mexico and California where there is a huge passion for  Reggaton and Latin Hip-hop blends. 

When the opportunity came for me to start teaching Zumba it felt natural and right and I have Not stopped since. Being able to introduce people to my tradition and cultures has been a very big blessing in my life. I get so excited when I see people's lives change beacuse of Zumba, not only physically but emotionally and mentally.